Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whip Prop

Here is a whip that was used on Legend of the Seeker. I haven't found it yet but I know I will. It is made very well. It is leather and has a metal coin top on the end of the handle. Looks like some kind of animal on it but not sure. This is an Awesome prop. I have never owned a whip before. Should be interesting. :)UPDATE: I found it!! YAY!! It was used in Season 2 episode "Extinction" by the prison guard!! It's hard to get a screen cap of it since the whip is always in motion but I did the best I could. Check it out!! Totally Awesome!! :)

Sisters Of The Light/Dark Slippers

Here I present the very first Legend Of The Seeker prop I owned. These Gorgeous Slippers were worn by Sister Teresa who was one of the Sisters of the Light or Dark. I haven't had the chance to find her in an ep and get screen grabs but as soon as I do I will post them. Each slipper has the name Sister Teresa on a piece of tape inside the shoe. They are made of soft leather with long leather laces so that you can lace them pretty far up your leg. They have a very thin sole but they look to be fairly comfortable. I am honored to own any part of this Amazing show. Here's hoping it will be back for many more seasons!!!! Date 9-12-10 OMG I just got confirmation from Dayna who was Kahlan/Bridget's stunt double that these slippers were worn by stunt performer Teresa Ellwood who played the last sister or person to be killed in the last episode of LOTS, the one that was flipped and stabbed by Kahlan!!! Sooooo Cool!!! Thanks Dayna!! See screen grab.