Sunday, March 13, 2011

Richard's Box Of Orden Suede Bag

Here is yet another Amazing gift given to me by one of my closest friends...Kim. Love you so much for this!!! This is a Fantastic suede bag and what makes it even better is that Richard uses it throughout most of the episode. Sweet!!! I spotted this in Season 1 episode "Reckoning". When Richard gets sent to the future along with Cara he grabs this bag and uses it to carry the boxes as you can see from the screen grabs. At one point he takes 2 out and buries them to keep them safe but continues to carry 1 in this bag. I was SOOOO HAPPY when I saw Richard using this!!! Thanks again Kim for another Fantastic piece to add to my collection!! You just keep on Amazing me time and time again!! Love Ya!!

Replica of Richard's Wanted Poster

My Friend Kim gave me this as a gift. He did a good job replicating it from the original so I had to frame it. I hope to one day get one of the originals but this will definitely do until then. Thanks Kim for the Great gift!! Good Job!! Kim made 2 and another seller made the third but I used one of Kim as it was the closest to the original. I have put up screencaps of the actual ones from the episode to show you how close it looks to it. Sweet!!

Leather/Suade Waterskin

And yet again...another Fantastic present from my Friend Kim!! Gosh what a Great Guy!! This is a leather/suede waterskin. The top doesn't open so I am guessing it was just used for show. I have not spotted this in an ep yet but as I said before...I know I will eventually :) Thanks Kim!! :)

Leather Cross Bow Arrow Holder

And again another present from my Good Friend Kim. This is a sturdy leather cross bow arrow holder. I have seen this in eps but I just have to find it again to know which ep it was. They were worn by the D'Haran Soldiers...the BAD GUYS :) As soon as I find it again I will post the screencap!! Thanks Sweetie for this!! :)

Gold Metal Large Bowl

This was another Wonderful present from my Fantastic friend Kim. It is a large gold metal bowl used for set dressing. It has Beautiful detailed work all over it. The pictures on the outer side of the bowl are pictures of Dragons. On the inside it gots leaves and what look to be Japanese symbols. Just Gorgeous!! I have not found it in an ep yet but I am bound and determined too!! I won't give up till I do!! Thanks my Friend. I appreciate your generosity so just have no idea how much these mean to me!! Love Ya!!

Wooden Jar Set Dressing

Here is a Beautifully detailed wooden jar from the set of Legend of the Seeker. The lid does come off. My friend Kim was able to get this item for me and I can't thank him enough!! Love Ya Babe!! I have not spotted this in a ep yet but I know I will eventually!!

Detailed Clay Set Dressing

This is a Beautiful item!! My Wonderful friend Kim gave this to me as a gift!! What a Guy!! It looks to be some kind of Incense holder since there is a small hole by the handle or I could be completely wrong LOL. I have not found this in an ep yet but I know I will!! Thanks Darlin for this special pressie!! Love Ya So Much!! :)